Seven Hand Lettering Artwork Ideas

Hi Guys! It’s almost Friday. Can you say, “yay!?” I hope all of you have fun, fall plans for the weekend.

Have you always been interested in having a framed copy of your favorite verse or quote, but you never have known how to get one made? Or perhaps you know that I love lettering custom artwork, but you don’t know what you would get lettered? Today I want to share with you seven of my favorite ideas for custom lettering. And right now, since we’re right in the middle of the Lute + Harp anniversary sale, my custom lettering artwork is $25 off when you visit and purchase through my Etsy Store through October 21.

Here's the list! 

  1. Scripture verses
    Whether it’s your life verse or a friend’s, an excerpt from scripture always is a beautiful addition to a home or office and can help set a mind on God’s promises throughout the day.
  2. Lyrics
    I’m pretty sure that everyone has a favorite song. Am I right? Brighten a room with the lyrics even when your tune isn’t on the radio.
  3. Recipes
    A classic family favorite looks right at home in the kitchen—and you never have to find the recipe card!
    In high school I used to have a whole notebook full of interesting quotes and sayings, each written down in a colored sparkly gel pen. Why not break out some of those notebooks that you may have too, and frame a few of your favorite quips.
  5. Favorite Word
    Go big or go home! Let one word make a colorful, flowy statement.
  6. Memorable saying from a loved one
    Whether it’s sweet, sage or sassy, the words of those we love stick with us. Share those words with others through art in your home.
  7. Names & Dates
    Commemorate weddings, anniversaries or birthdays with your loved ones’ names & event dates carefully scripted.

There! Those are just seven inspiration points for your own hand lettering artwork. I’m sure with this starter list you can come up with a bunch more! I’d love to hear them, so leave me a comment below! 

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